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Are you dealing with an increased workload?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Are you dealing with an increased workload?🙆

I am doing a job of 4 folks right now. I have two positions that I have yet to be able to recruit candidates for.

The education sector doesn't pay much. The only candidate pool I have is individuals passionate about the student community who want to make a difference.

Most of us are dealing with an increased workload. We are being asked to do more with less.🙇

Vacant positions are not getting filled with candidates ghosting you after successfully getting recruited for a job.

How do you manage and deal with this extra workload? 🤔

🗝️The key to success is managing the pressure and workload.

When you have a busy day at work, it's easy to get stressed out because stepping into more responsibility will increase pressure and responsibility. You worry about facing new challenges.

Here are some tips for managing an Increased Workload:

📌1. Develop an organizational strategy

Staying organized can help you handle a heavy workload by streamlining the process of finding information and making decisions. Take a moment to arrange the items in your physical space as well as your digital files so you can access the things you need quickly. You can also implement a planner system to show your workload at a glance.

📌2. Shift from execution to empowerment

When you step into more responsibility, you’ll likely have to remove yourself from the day-to-day execution you’re used to and move towards strategy and people management. Instead of being the one to do the work, you’re the one empowering and influencing the people above, below, and across from to do what needs to be done.

📌3. Determine your priorities

Consider your priorities, in terms of managing tasks at work but also your personal life. Compare how long you expect your workload to remain heavy to an honest assessment of your personal limits. Think about professional priorities such as preferred projects as well as personal priorities like family and health.

📌4. Recognize what others see in you

Research shows that people who have a high level of self-awareness who see themselves, how they fit into the world, and how others see them clearly make smarter decisions and become more successful in school and work.

📌5. Focus on one thing at a time

Working on one task at a time can be more effective than multitasking because it can allow you to accomplish a greater quantity and quality of work in a sitting. Multitasking is usually a matter of switching between tasks rapidly, rather than completing them simultaneously, and this can impede progress toward a goal. Try setting a timer and working on a given task for a specific amount of time before switching.

📌6. Grow your confidence

It’s easy to lose confidence if you believe you haven’t achieved anything. Make a list of all the things you’re proud of in your life, whether it’s getting a good mark on an exam or learning to surf. Keep the list close by and add to it whenever you do something you’re proud of. When you’re low in confidence, pull out the list and use it to remind yourself of all the awesome stuff you've done.

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