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Stand Out as a Leader

How do you develop an ability to lead from any position in an organization? What you need to know to lead through your actions - with or without authority. The Purple Cow Leader has willing followers. Learn to create a tribe of people who want to be on your team. Learn to motivate them (and you) by changing just a few small traits. Create positive morale, energy, and successful projects. Learn how to become the best leader you can be. 

The best makes the journey from manager to leader using their innate talents, and through continuous learning and improvement. Don't rely on the school of hard knocks, discover the secrets to exceptional leadership and the mistakes to avoid on your own road to success.


Learning Objectives:

In this highly interactive presentation, audience will be engaged through life stories, videos and exercises.


  • Define what make you unique, and why everything else revolves around this fact.

  • How to stand out as a successful and effective leader

  • Develop leadership skills and marketing skills to differentiate yourself from the herd.

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