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Leadership for you and your team

How do you develop an ability to lead from any position in an organization? How can you be more adept in influencing those over whom you have little or no authority? What are the key skills that are needed for a successful leader? Knowing how to influence and lead others—often without direct authority—is critical in successfully managing projects. Most of us aren't natural leaders, the good news is that leadership skills can be learnt.

The best makes the journey from manager to leader using their innate talents and through continuous learning and improvement. Don't rely on the school of hard knocks, discover the secrets to exceptional leadership and the mistakes to avoid on your own road to success.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to build better relationships with your team, your boss and your colleagues

  • How to align and remove obstacles for personal leadership development

  • Decode the leadership myths to identify what really matters and ensure that your leadership passes the test!

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